First RAYS Canadian Booth - Driven Calgary 2023

by Peter Luu

Spent the weekend in Calgary setting up and running the RAYS booth for Driven Show in Calgary. Was an amazing experience to be part of the RAYS family and officially represent them in a setting like this.

Invision Auto Imports - RAYS Largest Distributor in Canada is honored to represent RAYS at their first ever Canadian Show at Driven Calgary! Thank you to our amazing team and everyone that was apart of this!

  • Jackultramotive- Jack Ultramotive, 
  • @phothrottle - PhoThrottle, 
  • @realwheeldeal - Real Wheel Deal, 
  • @thetintstudio - The Tint Studio, 
  • @yifd3s - Yifan, 
  • @elgenereyes - Elgene, 
  • @fk8.boi - Denver, 
  • @oren.sushii - Angelo 
  • @drivenshow - Driven Calgary 
  • @olibaru_88 - Oliver 
  • @hirooh - Hiro 
  • RAYS Wheels USA
  • Mackin Industries Inc.
  • And anybody else we missed!


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