Hey, It's your boy. Peter Luu.

Welcome to the site. I'm sure you found me through YouTube or Instagram.
As you can see, the website isn't 100% complete and currently I'm just using it to link out to my other e-commerce websites. Mainly BRIDE, RS-R and TAKATA.

One of the main questions I've been receiving through multiple avenues is "How can I purchase." A lot of these inquiries are awesome. I appreciate that you've found me from all over the world and watched the videos and want to support me through a purchase of a real set of wheels.

Firstly, my main focus and drive for creating content is of course, my passion for wheels. The videos I hope help to spread the popularity of real wheels and shift the mindset of the automotive scene to focus on amazing companies that pour their souls into cutting edge products. There are several great dealers, shops and people around the world who are equally as passionate and if you're in another country outside of Canada please go to the manufacturer's site -> navigate to Dealers -> and find a local / nearby authorized dealer for that wheel. Examples would be:

Supporting any authorized dealer local to your area / country will help to ensure our industry stays on the right path and our enjoyment for automotive and racing is sustainable.

When you're searching for a set of wheels make sure you do your research. Find the specs, the offset, bolt pattern and fitment you'd want. Ensure that the make/model of your wheel actually exists in the manufacturer master catalogs, or if there is a special batch that you can find a previous example. Dealers are normally very busy and for us to calculate / search all these manually take quite a bit of time.

If you're in Canada and you wish to purchase a set of wheels you can call our shop at 780-433-9699 M-F 12-6PM Mountain Standard Time.

Why I choose not to put all my wheels up on a site for purchasing is because finding the proper set of wheels for your build should be a bespoke experience. And often times, when people are purchasing a set of real wheels in this territory, you're going to be more picky. You're spending big bucks, so you're gonna seek out the exact wheel you want, in the color you want, in the specs you want. For me to be able to stock every configuration under the sun hoping someone comes in to purchase that exact set is unfortunately a poor business model. So before purchasing, please ensure you're able to wait. Because the wait is well worth it. This goes for most dealers if you're trying to find something specific.

Additionally, mistakes are often made when people are purchasing directly themselves and I want to be there to guide you along the way so you're not left with a set of wheels that don't fit or cause your application to not work. Due to time constraints I can only provide this service to customers I'm currently serving in Canada.

The best source to shop / spec out your exact set of wheels is yourself. I've created the videos mainly for education and to spread the message of Real Wheels and I encourage you to learn a bit of that world for yourself. That's why I do it!

Thank you for visiting and your continuous support.

- Peter